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Designer Candles

We design candles as objects, not scent.

All our candles are unscented and long-lasting, each hand-poured to create a naturally beautiful candle that burns cleanly and calmly.

Try our high quality, natural candles today and discover original candles from Australia’s most trusted candle brand.

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Collection: Designer Candles

We craft candles as objects rather than scent. Our focus is on creating quality designer candles in a minimalist style and neutral colour palette that complement your home and style.

Unscented and slow-burning, all our candles are hand-poured to create a naturally beautiful candle that burns cleanly, calmly and evenly.

Premium candles made from the finest materials for a beautiful, natural light experience.

Discover Quality Designer Candles in Australia

Explore our collection of fragrance-free candles and discover a new favourite with Candle Kiosk. We offer an extensive range of candles in over 50 colours, styles & sizes. From contemporary to classic, you'll be sure to find a candle to match your style. Scroll down to join us on social media for the latest colour palettes, design trends and candle style inspiration.

Shop Candles by Style

From sophisticated pillar candles to round or textured designs, explore our collection of candles by style and shape. Make a statement with a unique shape or choose a timeless favourite.

Cone Candles

Enjoy the effortless elegance of a single cone or combine candles of different height for maximum impact. The perfect accent for a beautifully styled dining table, our unscented candles won’t interfere with your wining and dining experience.

Pillar Candles

Elevate your table styling with our bold pillar candles, available in black, grey, pure white and warm white across three sizes. Cluster together in a centrepiece, and combine with our textured or grooved pillars to create additional layers and depth.

Ripple Candles

These modern statement pieces with a ribbed finish add an edgy touch to your living spaces. Easy to combine with our smooth and textured pillar candles.

Sphere Candles

From full moon to total eclipse: our ball candles progress through each lunar phase as they burn. Beautifully shaped candles, available in three colours and sizes in a unique textural finish.

Textured Candles

Available individually across two diameters (extra wide 10cm or regular 7cm) in small, medium, or large, or in a gift set. Perfect for layering with our other pillar candles, or as a dramatic centrepiece by themselves.

Taper Candles

Create a style statement with our sleek taper candles. Standing tall, these modern taper candles burn evenly and maintain their elegant aesthetic.

Shop Candles by Colour

Whether you’re into neutrals like black, white, and cream or wish to add a touch of colour, shop our premium range of candles by colour.

Black Candles

Alluring, stylish, and timeless: black candles add a contemporary touch to your home. One of our most popular colourways.

White Candles

Our collection of white candles delivers clean lines, understated elegance, and timeless beauty. One of our most popular collections.

Ivory Candles

Our elegant ivory candles combine well with other neutrals like cream, grey, or stone.

Blue Candles

From moody navy to playful aqua, our blue candle collection brings a calm energy to your home.

Green Candles

A positive and uplifting hue, our stylish green candles bring prosperity and energy to your living spaces.

Shop Candles by Size

From the smallest pillars to the tallest cones, explore a range of candle sizes and shapes to make a statement in your home. Shop by size.

Large Candles

Bold, striking, and eye-catching, our large candles make a statement on their own, as part of a cluster, or alongside your other home decor items.

Small Candles

Small in size but large in impact - discover our collection of small candles, including pillars, spheres, and cones.

Candle Holders & Coasters

Place your candles on a pedestal with our elegant, clean coasters and unique candle holders. From large ceramic trays to create your own centrepiece masterpiece, to our ode to minimalism in the shape of ceramic coasters, handmade and finished with an insulated cork bottom to protect any surface.

Candle Gift Sets

Give the gift of style with our candle gift sets, containing carefully curated sets of beautifully shaped candles. Perfect for a housewarming, birthday, or any other milestone or celebration, our gift sets come in a range of colours and styles.

Explore our candle gift sets.

The Positive Power of Candles

No matter the time of day, location, or occasion, there’s nothing more calming than lighting a candle.

Creates ambiance

Instant ambiance; the warm glow of delicate candlelight evokes a sense of comfort, safety, and total bliss.

Promotes calm

The calming nature of delicate candlelight brings inner peace and tranquility which can improve our mood and reduce stress. Lighting a candle is a wonderful way to create an instantly soothing atmosphere.

Encourages routine

The ritual of lighting a candle helps provide clarity and encourages us to take some time out of our busy daily schedules to simply reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.

Why choose Candle Kiosk?

Anyone can make a candle quickly, but creating a premium product with no smoke or drips takes skill, dedication, and passion.

Our talented candlemakers have perfected their skills to ensure a superior candle experience from start to finish.

The result is an unscented candle that burns slowly and evenly, without smoking or dripping. Enjoy a calm, balanced, and even flame every time you light your Candle Kiosk candle.

Whether you’re meditating, entertaining, or unwinding, do it with Candle Kiosk candles by your side.