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A collection of small botanical candles that can help you achieve calm, practice mindfulness and gratitude, and that can serve to realise your intentions. Start the ritual of lighting a candle and take the first step on your wellness journey.

  • Mindfulness candle set


    Mindfulness meditation brings us back to the present moment and gives us the tools we need to be less stressed, calmer and kinder to ourselves and others.

    Practice mindfulness 
  • Ikari wellness candle made in Japan


    We light a candle to drop our shoulders, soften our chests, and breathe in a little bit deeper. To slow down and look after ourselves. The flame reminds us to live fully, not quickly.

  • Living with intention


    Intent can guide you through your life and inject it with purpose and meaning. Light a candle and start realising your intentions.

    How to live with intent 
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Mindfulness candle

Mindfulness candles

Mindfulness Ritual sets are a great introduction to mindfulness, with a set of 20 or 40-minute candles to focus attention and get started towards greater equanimity, acceptance and joy.

Mindfulness candles

"Make it a part of your daily ritual - morning run, early surf, coffee, mindfulness - and rediscover the joy in the little things."

Intention candle set

Intent candles

The Intention Ritual Set with 10-minute intention candles is perfect for setting goals and working towards realising them. Light the candle to send out your intentions.

Intention candles
  • Plant-based wax

    All candles in our Ritual Collection are made from either haze wax (from the fruits of the Japanese Hazenoki tree) or rice bran wax.

  • Washi paper wick

    We use traditional Japanese paper wicks for our botanical candles, hand-rolled from washi paper.

  • Crafted in Japan

    Our wa-rousoku candles are handmade in Japan, crafted by master candlemakers with over 125 years experience.

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Rituals for a positive life.

Simple rituals can inspire a shift towards a positive mindset, which over time can change your life. They can help you achieve calm and be more present, while reducing stress and anxiety. Each set comes with a brass stand, small botanical candles and a brief guide. Start your ritual and rediscover the joy in the little things.

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Mindfulness candle gift set

Ritual Gift Sets

Our Ritual Sets come in a gift box which includes candles, a brass candle stand and a ritual introduction guide.