White Candles

A stylist favourite, our pure white candles add a design touch to any setting. White sculptural candles combine well with any colour in any decor.

White can make a room feel light and airy, and creates a sense of space. White candles can blend in to provide focal points of light, or they can provide layers by combining different textures and tones.

  • White pillar candle centrepiece

    Elegantly white

    White symbolises simplicity, purity, and cleanliness. White candles provide a stylish canvas and gives space to all the other elements around it while offering a contrast to make them stand out.

  • Natural candles

    Our pristine white candles have been designed not to drip or smoke, and are handmade for a slow-burning candle experience. All our candles are vegan-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • white pillar candles

    Shapes & forms

    We provide a wide range of candles, candle sets, centrepieces and gift boxes in our signature white palette. Choose from pillar, taper, cone and sphere candles, and pair them with our range of elegant candle coasters.

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