About Candle Kiosk

Candle Kiosk Supply Co is an Australian candle company based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, specialised in designer candles and known for our high-quality craftsmanship, a minimalist ethos and modern style.

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Our Story

Candle Kiosk is the result of our journey to create a premium quality candle experience.

To go beyond just pouring candles and create a complete candle experience, from the anticipation of unpacking to the aesthetics of the candle itself, and finally the pleasure of the clean burning experience. Every candle we create, from the humble pillar to the tallest cone, is the result of this design philosophy.

Candle Kiosk


Unscented, sculptural candles and homeware products as objects of art.

We design modern sculptural candles and homewares, founded on the principles of minimalism – clean geometric lines, devoid of clutter and decoration, relying on the material to form the art itself.

“Hailing from beautiful Avalon Beach, Candle Kiosk offers an addictive range of light for your home.”

With a focus on the purity and beauty of simple shapes, textures and forms, we design candles as objects, not scent. Functional pieces with the stylistic impact of sculptures, our candles are shape-shifting objects that transform from one form into the next as they slowly burn down.

Fragrance Free

A way to enjoy light without being overwhelmed by fragrance.

We live in a world bombarded by fragrance, from personal items to home products. Most often these are synthetic scents competing in our environment and impacting the overall harmony of our space.

We believe there is a need for beautiful light experiences that don’t involve scent. That’s why we have created a range of unscented candles focused on design, not fragrance. A way to experience a pure expression of light without the disruption of scent.

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True craftsmanship in candle making means a superior candle experience for our customers.

These days, anyone can make a candle quickly by cutting corners, but to make a candle of the highest quality – a clean, smoke-free and calm burn, minimal drip, and an ability to maintain shape – that needs to be done by true experts.

“Candle Kiosk are leaders in the candle industry, pushing conceptual, minimal designs in an artistic form.”

All our candles are designed and developed in Australia, and then hand-poured to perfection by master candlemakers. Our products are handmade by craftspeople in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

Modern craftsmanship is all about dedication and skill. Time does not dictate the process. Quality does.


What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves.

With so much plastic ending up in our oceans, we've decided to be smarter about our packaging and have chosen a more considered route; we make our packaging entirely out of recycled paper, from the box to the protective buffers inside it. And the candles are individually wrapped in tissue paper, not plastic. So we can ship our candles undamaged, without damaging the world.

Handmade Candles - Crafted by Experts

Discover our candles online and see what sets our modern sculptural candles apart.

A natural light experience.