Small black candle

Small Candles

Small but bright, our quality small candles shine their light far & wide. Bathe your space in light with our selection of smaller-sized candles.

Our candles have been designed not to smoke or drip. We value quality, which is why we use only the finest of ingredients to ensure you get the most out of each candle – big or small.

Collection: Small Candles

Wide Range of Colours & Sizes

Our small candles come in a variety of colours, enabling you to choose the right shade to compliment your decor. From small textured candles to cone candles, we offer various shapes and sizes to give you multiple choices for any space or occasion. Whether you want to create a warm atmosphere in your own home, or send a gift to a loved one, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect piece in our collection of small candles.

Suited to Any Occasion

Small candles are the perfect way to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in any space – big or small. For instance, small candles can be used to add a touch of sophistication to your living room, create a romantic aura in the bedroom, or even a calming atmosphere while you wash away the day in your bathroom. Candle Kiosk has small candles that are perfect for any occasion, no matter your style or taste.

Transform any space with the calming ambience of quality small candles. All our candles are handcrafted for a clean burn and minimal drip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are small candles used for?

Small candles have the same uses as other candles, such as providing a warm, natural light source and creating ambiance. Due to their smaller size, they can be more cost-effective, have shorter burn times and take up less space, which can be just the thing when used for decoration or adorning a table where space is restricted. The beauty of this collection of is that while small in stature, our quality small candles light up large spaces.

Are small candles safe to use?

Yes, small candles are safe to use. As for all candles, please heed the safety rules & tips when burning small candles. We understand how soothing it can be walking into an already warm and welcoming space, but never leave your small candles unattended, and always place them on a non-flammable, stable surface.

How long do small candles burn for?

Depending on the shape and size of your candle, our small candles burn from 10 minutes (Ritual haze candles) to 30 hours (small pillar candles). All our candles are handcrafted and expertly tested to ensure slow, even burns.

How do I clean up spilled wax from small candles?

All our candles are designed for a minimal drip experience. But, if you do happen to spill wax from a small candle, let it cool and harden before cleaning it up. Use a paint scraper or credit card to scrape off any excess wax, then use warm soapy water to clean the area.