Neutral Candles

For a subtle way to add colour and definition, turn towards neutral coloured candles. Neutral tones complement other colour schemes in a flattering, complementary way.

Combine different shades of neutral like beige, stone and soft greys, layered with textured candles, and watch your space come to life in a way that is calming rather than overwhelming.

  • Warm & intimate

    Neutral toned candles are a great way to add depth and layering to your setting without becoming overwhelming, and a neutral palette works with a wide range of pop colours to add emphasis.

    Our pared-down palette of sandstone, stone, white, ivory and taupe can create a warm, intimate setting whilst providing beautiful layers of colour.

  • Set in stone

    For a neutral tone with character, look no further than stone. An off-white with a hint of beige and grey, our Stone candles are loved by interior designs and event planners alike. Stone tones can add layers to a white decor, while not taking anything away from the white palette and still leaving space for accent colours.

  • Neutral with a flourish

    Add a soft grey to your natural white or light brown to your warm white and you will see your space flourish with calming accent colours, without having to resort to drab monotones.

    Browse our selection of neutral candles online in a range of natural tones and introduce textural details and a grounding, muted palette to your home.

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