Candle Holders

Display your favourite designer candles in style with our collection of taper candle holders, pillar candle holders and candle stands.

Richly textured and pleasingly solid, Candle Kiosk ceramic candle holders are handmade in Australia. Create layers of candles or use them to hold small candles, matches and accessories.

  • Ceramics made by hand

    Made to last

    Experience the satisfying feel of holding something of substance in your hands with a handmade ceramics object. Aesthetically pleasing and reassuringly functional.

  • small ceramic candle holder

    An elevated experience

    Make the most of your candles by combining them with accessories that are as visually appealing as they are functional. Hardwearing, elegant & substantial.

  • Use and re-use

    Our clever ceramics can be used in a variety of ways, beyond their use as a candle stand. From fruit trays to espresso cups and match holders.

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