Trays & Coasters

Richly textured and pleasingly solid, Candle Kiosk ceramic trays and plates are handmade in Australia and Japan. Great for gifting, to create your centrepiece masterpiece or to use as a drip tray.

Display your favourite designer candles in style with our collection of ceramic candle trays, plates and coasters.

  • Celebrating craftsmanship

    Experience the satisfying feel of holding something of substance in your hands with a handmade ceramics piece. As functional as they are pleasing to behold.

  • Ceramic serving tray

    Functional art

    More than an object to display your candles, our ceramics can be used in many different ways, from fruit trays to espresso cups and incense holders.

  • Grey ceramic side plate

    Easy to use

    All our ceramic items are oven and dishwasher safe (except where explicitly mentioned, refer to the care instructions), and any spilled wax is easily removed.

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