Ritual Candles

Create your personal wellness journey with our Ritual collection. Make time for calm with a 10-minute candle routine.

With dedicated burn times, these 100% natural candles are perfect for yoga, breath work, meditation, nighttime routines or simply to relax and unwind.

Ritual Wellness Sets include a set of botanical candles, a brass candle holder and a ritual guide. All our botanical candles are 100% natural, hand-made in Japan with plant-based wax and a paper wick.

  • Crafted in Japan

    Our warousoku candles are handmade in Japan, crafted by master candlemakers with over 135 years experience.

  • Haze wax

    100% plant-based wax

    The candles in our Ritual Collection are made from either haze wax (from the fruits of the Japanese Hazenoki tree) or rice bran wax.

  • Washi-paper wick

    We use traditional Japanese paper wicks for our botanical candles, hand-rolled from washi paper.

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