Textured Candles

Make a style statement with our large pillar & sphere candles in a striking texture. Hand-poured at low temperature to create a natural, rustic look.

Fragrance free, smokeless & drip free. Textured pillar candles and sphere candles are available in a set of three, or separately in sizes small, medium & large.

  • Large textured candles in charcoal

    Style statements

    Textured candles are a great way to style your home. Their large size and striking appearance makes them a design object in itself. They add a design element to every space, and the rustic texture gives warmth even when they are not lit. Let the texture do the talking with these large hand-poured style statements.

  • Hand-poured texture

    Our textured candles are hand-poured at low temperature, causing bubbles to form over its surface and create the striking, crater texture. As the rustic texture is a natural effect of this cold-pour process, each candle has its own unique style and no two of these classic candles are identical.

  • High quality

    Made from high quality materials, Candle Kiosk textured candles do not drip or smoke. They are fragrance free, poured from the finest wax and finished with a 100% natural, cotton wick.

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