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Red Candles

Passionate and powerful, red is anything but boring. Add red candles to create a romantic setting, or tap into the strong energy of red by using red candles around the home.

Our red candles are solid red throughout, and they have been designed to burn cleanly and evenly. Made from natural coconut wax and finished with a 100% cotton wick, our red candles have been created with quality in mind.

Collection: Red Candles

Set the Scene with Red Candles.

Our collection of red candles is perfect for setting the mood. Elegant, long-lasting, and providing a mesmerising burn, our chilli red taper candles will set the scene. Create a romantic, intimate atmosphere with a beautiful, warm glow that will last as long as you need.

Go festive with red by combining it with green or white candles, or create a darker setting and add black candles to the mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your red candles eco-friendly?

Our red candles are hand poured from natural coconut wax, which is a renewable resource that burns long and clean, and they are finished with a 100% natural, lead-free cotton wick. They are unscented, which means the candles are free from synthetic fragrances. All our candles come wrapped in tissue paper (rather than bubblewrap or a plastic sleeve), and they are packed in boxes which are both recycled and recyclable.

How long do red candles burn?

The burn time varies depending on the size of the candle, the wax that is used and the composition of the wick. Our red spiral and tusk candles burn for approximately 10 hours.